Welcome Promoters
You can always post events free to our site however we can post your events for you as well.  We are not just a Event Listing Directory, we are your partner.  We do more:

Guide to Posting Events With Us
Posting free or featured listings with us are simple and effective. It takes 3 easy steps to post a listing.
Step 1
A) Select your category (The state your event will be held)
B) Select your activity dates
Step 2
A) Select a pricing plan (FREE)
Step 3
A) Event title and description
B) Use mini calendars to select event dates
C) Complete venue information
D) Include photo to show with ad (optional)
WE MAKE IT EASY TO POST REOCURRING EVENTS (add multiple dates to one posting)
If a promoter host 10 job fairs per year and 6 events are in the same city and at the same venue. All 6 of the reoccurring events can be posted at once by simply adding the dates for each event to the same posting. Therefore one of the promoter's postings will include 6 different dates.
Do You Have Events Already Posted To Your Website
If you have events already published on your website and don't have time to post them to AllJobFairs.com yourself we will post them for you.  Complete the short simple form to give us authorization and we will get started right away.  Post Events From My Website.  /  Learn More.