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Organized Jobseekers Do Better
Organized jobseeker are much more successful than those who are not.  Set up a weekly schedule including list of job boards to search, a target list of employers to search and job fairs to attend.  It takes a little more time on the frontend but the results will be well worth the effort.  GOOD LUCK!!
First Things First
First things First.  Before you send out your first resume or apply for your first job you need to do a self-analysis.  Decide on the type jobs you are interested in, whether you are willing to travel, your salary range, what makes you a preferred candidate.  GOOD LUCK!!
Don't Send Resumes Blindly
Job search planning is important and that doesn't mean to send out resumes blindly.  Yes, job searching is a numbers game which means the more jobs you apply for the better your chances but the most important part of that theory is.  You must qualify for the position.  GOOD LUCK!!
Don't Apply For Every Job
Don't apply for every job you find whether you qualify or not.  This is not a good use of your time, actually you will have a much better chance of landing a interview if you focus on jobs you qualify for.  GOOD LUCK!!
Create A Specia Email Address
Create a special email address ONLY for job search activities.  Use this address to receive Job Alerts, Employer and Recruiter contacts, Job Fair Updates, etc.  It is not wise to use your personal email to receive job search activity.  GOOD LUCK!!
"Advanced Search" Feature
Most job boards offer an "Advanced Search" feature.  Use it!  Instead of wasting time browing jobs that are not in your area this feature allows you to filter by state, city and even zip.  GOOD LUCK!!
Save Time
Searching for employment is time consuming.  Save time by using the JOB ALERT feature.  All of the major job boads have them and you will be notified each time a job is posted that meet the criteria you set.  GOOD LUCK!!

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